About the seminar


◆リンパケア初級 ¥15,000

◆リンパケア上級 ¥36,000
Learn techniques spread oral learned in the beginner seminar in advanced seminars spread trim Thoracoscopic and laparoscopic.
Its original function in body cavity is ready to spread your body increases. As a result, raise the bust-up, West down, hip beauty side effects can be like will.

◆MRT基礎 ¥15,000
Seminar learn the techniques in a short period of time become loose in the FAFA.
Not based on the limp care theory, 揉manai and loosen the muscles of the body by not pulling. So you can reach the muscles of the lower body from the neck to accommodate various stiffness and pain.

◆MRT応用 ¥36,000


◆口腔カウンターストレインセミナー ¥30,000/¥50,000

・歯科衛生士向け 【¥30,000】

・歯科医師向け 【¥50,000】

◆セルフケア【1】 ¥15,000

☆ participants depends on the number of hours, but 3-4 hours it takes.
It becomes possible to keep a beautiful style and this care on a daily basis.

◆セルフケア【2】 ¥15,000

Learn how self-care [2], MRT (loosen your muscles) technique based upon the move spread ease pain and discomfort disappeared, reduced range of motion.

1.Glitter Dragon gymnastics
2.One hand Banzai
3.Peacocks teaser
4.Solar plexus exercise
5.Towel muscles loose
6.Rustling the leg or legs loose

◆セルフ小顔骨格 ¥25,000

◆フェイシャル特別 ¥25,000
Learn the art facial techniques.

-Recessed under the jaw to care how
-How to go up the corners of the mouth care
• How to care going up cheekbones
-Increased nose care methods
-How to care for your forehead and around the eyes
-How to care for neck

The facial is more challenging.

Facial techniques using brushes, as well.
Issue a diploma (certificate).

◆インソール基礎 ¥15,000

◆アニマルケア ¥15,000
Nice you know there are pets in the House and do things I thought.
Pets also feel stress of everything. If this animal care to listen, cute pet in your hands heal up is like will. It can stay with forever love pets.


◆初心者のための解剖学の学び方教室 ¥150,000
No available, remember a systematic and fun first anatomy to learn esoteric Anatomy, how do I continue to know more deeply, more sugar-musculo-skeletal system, particularly the flexor in the main program class.

How to learn Anatomy Department, all four

To skeletal, muscle-specific to sugar-learn more.
Use the text in medical school is used as a textbook and workbook.
Each form as well where to start.

◆続・解剖学の学び方教室 ¥150,000

◆臼井式レイキ・ティーチャー ¥150,000

◆臼井式レイキ 1~3 各 ¥50,000

◆AURAを見る ¥10,000

◆古式整体療術 ¥300,000